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hi friends!! soooo i haven’t posted an update in awhile (aka … for the past week) but it’s been a really wonderful blur and i wanted to share some ~highlights~ with you all

i’ll start with friday bc i don’t really remember exaaactly what i did tues-thurs (worked a bit, went to the gym a lot, hung out with fronds, etc) but FRIDAY was kind of my “day off” so i went to hip hop yoga with karolina and taryn and it was so GREAT!! like the actual physical/mental part of yoga is always nice for me and i don’t mind doing it in the western sense but they had lots of hindu idols and pictures all over the studio mixed with shirts that said “spiritual gangster” and it all felt a bit weird. like thanks but i don’t need a white woman telling me to say namaste and telling me to repeat om ??? and having to look at the om sign everywhere was so ….strange…like do yoga or whatever but don’t try and connect it with indian culture if you’re not indian….idk how 2 explain it….but ya 

but THEN i had my first girls’ leap internship training that evening (which basically went on the whole weekend)…  and it was super empowering learning self-defense, how to say “NO”, and meeting other women who were strong and excited to help girls with their self-confidence and whatnot!!! it was difficult learning some of the skills tho tbh bc i was a little WEAK at first but it definitely got easier and i feel so much Stronger now :~) pero applying all the moves during the “long walk” was TERRIFYING god we had to walk across the room and the 3 teachers would come at us at different times and attack…. and we’d have to protect ourselves…..but it ended up being great (even tho i was tired most of the time) i’m glad i got to do eeeet

mmmm then saturday night maria and i had a romantic little dinner date on the esplanade ….luv that bitch. lol we just packed salad (maria) + pbj (me) and drank juices with a shot of pineapple rum….perfect… then i went on a bike ride to cambridge with binckes and her brother!! but i have not ridden a bike in awhile much less ridden one in the city of BOSTON at 10pm so i was a lil scared?? but it was so much fun omg we rode from boston over the bridge to cambridge aka harvard square and it actually ended up being kind of easy!?!?! so i was p proud of myself for doing it 4 sure… then we walked around the square for awhile, got ice cream, biked around for a bit more, and took the t back home….. it’s always nice spending time with binckes, she’s such a sweetheart!!

then SUUUNDAY i went to taryn’s apartment after training to have dinner that she and karolina cooked ALL BY Themselves..  and god it was delicious. erica and emma came too and we just drank wine, sat on her rooftop, talked about pooping an abnormal amount, listened to nice music, laughed tons, and i was reminded of the wonderful people i have in my life. and how much i don’t need people who have treated me like shit in the past. it’s honestly time to move the fuuuck on….. i mean it’s hard for me to do it but i think i’m READY !!!! anyway yeah they made this delicious couscous dish with arugula, cranberries, and corn…..tofu….asparagus….other things……..very healthy :~) and for dessert: cherry pie + chai ice cream, which was surprisingly good

and then TODAY i went on a student food rescue (which went super smoothly for there just being 2 of us on the run) and to my first SAT math tutoring class!! i loved it so much oh my god i had 5 students and they asked me questions about college/life/problems they had with the diagnostic exam and i was able to answer things??? without being super awkward and weird and confused like I FELT SMART and it was great bc i think they liked me and thought i was (semi) funny so thank gosh 4 that. so yeah i’m really looking forward to the rest of the summer and to increase their math scores eep

so YEAH MAN that was long and boring i’m sorry bye 

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