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dorm shopping is actually really stressful wow

like do you choose between a memory pad or an eggshell pad and what color sheets do you want and do you want a stupid generic comforter or do you want something quiry n cute but super expensive and do you need a trash can or do they give you one and is a full length mirror necessary or can you just use the bathrooms and what kind of fan should you bring like a really tall one or a clip-on one and how much storage do you really need ahhhhhh i am screaming

actually though, deciding what kind of bedding i want to use is the most difficult part because no i do not want pink and green flowers pls i am not a 12 year old but i also can’t afford nice lil quilts from uo ://// help me if you can idk

  1. hello-lovelies said: Ikea has a million comforters to choose from that are mostly cute. you will definitely want a full length mirror for your room…it’s a pain to walk to the bathroom to check an outfit. and get a small fan! good luck!
  2. remusjohn said: bedding, idk man, i picked a yellow one that was reversible so i could switch between girly flowers and simple stripes. PRACTICAL. you do need to buy a trash can, a full length mirror is absolutely necessary and i’d go with a clip on or desk fan.
  3. haunttthecause said: target and ikea, girl. get a full length mirror. wait to see if you need a fan until you get there - i didn’t need one my freshman year but needed one my sophomore year. no white sheets, they will get stained with food and shit.
  4. studyabroadho said: target! i got all my stuff at target and their comforters are pretty and un-tacky
  5. squeats said: if you can’t make up your mind and if it’s possible, wait to get stuff until you get there/see the room in person/get a feel for the space. also sometimes your roommate will have things you both can use (lamps, etc)
  6. starshollowescape said: get a full length mirror. and pick colors you want in your room and then find comforters or whatever that match that, I would get a small trash can so you dont always have to go to where the other is
  7. oxygenblue said: don’t worry too much about space (: if you don’t know, separate luxuries from necessities. you can always come back to get your luxuries!
  8. thearistocatic said: ikea!!!!!!!!!
  9. turchino said: Target is the best place tbh
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